How can you give better service at a lower cost?

Technology: Believe it or not, other accounting firms aren’t too good at adopting new technology. CFO360, on the other hand, was set up expressly to do so; our whole business plan is based on it!

Scale: If we have 30 customers paying just £85 per month, our business isn’t viable. However, if we have a few hundred, it is. And that scale produces savings which we can pass down to you. Other accounting firms can’t reach that scale, focusing on a particular geographical area, whereas CFO360 UK is UK-wide.

Structure: We don’t have a high street office. The only office we have is in Johannesburg, where thousands of highly competent accountants are at a much more reasonable price. But don’t worry, you still dial a UK number so it won’t cost you more

Your competitors don’t give the management accounts or business reviews, so why do you?

We want your business to continue to be a client of CFO360 UK if we can improve your business and give you every chance of continued success; that works great for us, too, because we get to keep you as a client!

How do I send in my receipts and invoices?

If you’re not VAT registered, there’s no need send receipts and invoices. Instead, keep them yourself, and we’ll use the bank feed in Quickbooks Online to do your bookkeeping.

If you are VAT registered, we use the Dext app. This is so much better than sending us your physical receipts. Instead, you take a quick picture on the smartphone app, and you’re done!

Don’t I need to see my accountant face to face?

Do you really want to 🤔? As long as you can get the same, or better, service from your accountant, do you really need to see them in person?

As an online accountant, CFO360 UK know that responsiveness to our clients and being available when you need us is vital – we’re here for your phone calls and emails, and won’t leave you feeling ignored.

Is the relationship with an online accountant not as good as with a traditional accountant?

No! In fact, we get fantastic reviews and ratings from our clients as an online accountant.

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